"Firms that outsource various back office/administrative functions report that cost savings, better service and efficiency, and improved processes and procedures in those areas are benefits achieved through outsourcing. These findings have remained consistent over our five-year survey period."

– Trends & Opportunities in Law Firm Outsourcing survey, conducted by Sandpiper Partners LLC and commissioned by Williams Lea Tag

If you're an administrator or managing partner at a law firm, chances are you've at least considered outsourcing some of your day-to-day responsibilities. Also, you're likely motivated by the desire to free up more time to pursue your firm's broader initiatives. And you probably have questions about how outsourcing works as well as the impact it could have on your firm's culture, processes and profitability.

You're not alone. Every decision-maker at every law firm had similar questions and concerns about outsourcing before they tried it. But in most cases, the benefits and value of outsourcing became abundantly apparent.

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