CEO. COO. CFO. CMO. At any given moment, a managing partner is likely wearing one of these hats. Or maybe a different one. All the while, they also have to proactively manage the expectations of their partners, the firm, and clients as well. 

It's not a role for the faint of heart. 

Although you might be quite adept at switching hats multiple times a day, there's a price to pay for such versatility. Most crucially, it's difficult to stay focused on practice growth and client service if you've got your hands in every other aspect of the business. And even if you realize you're overextended, you may be hesitant to relinquish certain responsibilities. 

At Kolibri Law Support Solutions, we get it. And we're here to help. 

We founded our business to serve the unique needs of law firms. Our people have a handle on the kinds of challenges your firm faces and how to address them effectively. 

By contributing as a fractional chief of staff and overseeing firm management, we can assume some of the jumble of responsibilities that can overwhelm a managing partner. As a result, you can be more efficient with your time. Keep your eye on the big picture — and stop getting bogged down in the day-to-day details.

Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate the strategy development and implement on your behalf. You can look to us not only for guidance, but also for execution and follow through.

Working with Kolibri is an effective way to increase your firm's bench strength, profitability and overall success. And, if you’re a managing partner, just think how much more room you'll have in your closet after getting rid of all those hats.

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