July 1, 2021

Kolibri Managing Director, Margaret Burke, was among the 17 legal professionals who earned their Certified Legal Manager credential from the Association of Legal Administrators this spring. 

"I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to certify the skills and knowledge that I have been able to develop over the past 15 years," said Burke. "With a Certified Legal Manager running Kolibri, our clients can feel confident that we have the drive and expertise to help their firms succeed."

To qualify, Margaret needed to meet a work experience requirement, display a commitment to continuing education, demonstrate a history of adhering to the ALA’s Code of Ethics, and pass a certification exam. The exam evaluates an individual's knowledge in the four core areas of financial management, human resources management, legal industry/business management, and operations management--all areas in which Kolibri offers services.

Click here to see Margaret's name recognized on the Association of Legal Administrator's website.