Should law firms be passionate? Yes! Isn’t that what we in the legal profession want? That is, to be part of something great and part of a team of professionals who are proud of their profession and of their firm? 

Yes, passionate about their firm. It makes sense, right? Successful lawyers and law firm leaders understand that you must be passionate about and truly love the industry to be successful. After all, law firms are not for the faint of heart. Dealing with the extreme demands, high expectations and challenging work is the thread that ties us together. This shared experience, combined with a “we’re in this together” mentality, contributes to a passionate firm. 

I think it’s time to embrace and foster the passion!

This notion came to me as I read Adam Davidson’s “The Passion Economy.” Adam interviewed many successful owners of businesses, ranging from a hairbrush maker to a factory in North Carolina. I couldn’t help adapting what they said into lessons for law firm management. 

Adam’s interviewees realized they had to be creative and open to change. Good advice for law firms, too. At Kolibri, we see the rewards that law firms reap from embracing changes in their industry and accepting that it’s okay to want more. More than ever, law firm leaders are focusing on achieving greater success, enhancing legal management and gaining more control over how they spend their time.

Many law firm leaders are no different from the entrepreneurs in “The Passion Economy” — they want to succeed in doing whatever they are passionate about. 

In this era of the “great resignation,” law firms have seen a lot of talent leaving for other firms or other opportunities. Over the past year, there’s been more movement than I can recall previously in my 15+ years in law firm leadership. 

Many successful firms have responded to this change in encouraging ways. For example, many firms we work with are embracing strategic legal management, changes in culture, self-care and greater efficiencies with open arms. They’re recognizing the need to prioritize retaining talent while also freeing themselves up to focus on their clients and invite experienced law firm leaders to the table. 

Kolibri has a seat at the table, but we’re also planning the menu, cooking hopefully hiring a really good caterer and enjoying the dinner. (As you can see, I’m not only passionate about strong law firm management, financial success and culture, I’m also passionate about food!)

At Kolibri, we focus on and invest in our valued clients’ success. We understand the nuances of successful law firm management and approach each client with empathy and an innovation mindset. We become part of your team, strategize and then execute on your behalf. We understand that not all firms need or want a full-time Chief of Staff, and we’re here to fill that role with passion!