How many times have you said or heard, “I’m just too busy.”  We hear you!  There are a lot of competing priorities on everyone’s plates these days, and the “Great Resignation” isn’t helping. People at firms of all shapes and sizes are - you guessed it - busier than ever. So how can we embrace these busy seasons and see them as marketing opportunities? We can accomplish this by low effort, high impact activities, and using what you may already be doing. The key is to see every interaction as a marketing opportunity.  Here are some suggestions to develop your brand and business even when you may feel like there is no time to squeeze it into your calendar: 

  • Change your perception. Invest in the idea that every interaction is a marketing opportunity. From the moment a prospective client calls your firm, they are beginning a relationship with you. So answering the phone isn’t just answering the phone. It’s being a brand ambassador and starting the conversation in a way that makes the person on the other end feel listened to, engaged with and understood. Being responsive and timely with existing clients is another way to see what you’re doing every day as a marketing activity. You are enhancing your firm’s brand by being the go-to, and the client knows that you are a trusted resource they can rely on. Instead of looking at a full Inbox as a tangle to get through, try looking at it as a way to develop business and strengthen relationships. 

  • Use questions as content. On a regular basis you’re likely being asked questions. As the problem solver, you’re providing answers to your clients. Take those responses and make something out of them!  For example, you could create a LinkedIn post similar to an FAQ where you share the question and the answer (removing any sensitive client information). If you’ve already spent the time to form a thoughtful response, continue to stretch that effort and let it have an external impact. 

  • Make easy connections. During the busiest times in professional services, you’re often meeting frequently with clients. You may also have the opportunity during these meetings to be introduced to your client’s other advisors.  This is an excellent way to expand your network, and not necessarily spend extra time to do so. 

  • Benefits of the virtual environment. While we all may experience screen fatigue, we’ve all likely adjusted to what is now our normal. Your new routine may consist of working from home more often (or all the time), having more virtual meetings, and maybe even trying out some virtual work out classes! Be sure to use the virtual environment to your advantage. Now more than ever, networking knows no boundaries. You can set up a virtual meeting with someone across the country, attend an event without leaving your desk chair, and see your clients without a commute. Without traffic or parking to deal with, you can develop business from where you are right now with the click of a mouse. 

  • Get social. LinkedIn is a power tool. By ensuring that you’re connected to the right folks and following the right content, you have a myriad of networking opportunities at your fingertips. One way to develop business through social media is by liking and sharing content of referral sources and friends of your firm. It will be a much appreciated action and show your sincere interest in their efforts. You can also like and share the content of your own firm to show your network the latest and greatest posts. Lastly, you can see what others are up to which will allow you to either get involved with a community opportunity, attend an event, or support what someone else is doing. 

When you're feeling busier than ever, notice the actions you’re already taking and use them to their full potential. We like to work with firms to make developing business digestible - and fun. If you’re currently analyzing how your firm can expand its brand, reach out so we can brainstorm together.