Amidst the countless changes created by the pandemic, the importance of certain initiatives has ebbed and flowed. But the urgency of business development has never lessened.

When I say "business development," I'm not just talking about generating new business. I'm also referring to allocating time, energy and resources to your existing clients and contacts. When relationships are at the epicenter of your business, the word "development" isn't simply about cultivating new connections. It can, and should, also mean fortifying those strong relationships you already have. 

Now that we're halfway through 2021 and the world is shifting into its "new normal," I encourage you to ask yourself four key business development questions. 

Question 1: What are your long-term business development goals? 

  • Evaluate: 
    • Your professional needs and wants
    • The relationships you have with people in your network
    • The ROI of the networks in which you're involved 
    • Which new networks might be worth joining
    • Your business goals

Question 2: What does my online profile say about me and my business?

  • Evaluate:
    • If your bio on your website is up to date
    • If the services and industry pages on your website are accurate and current
    • If all of your speaking engagements, events and sponsorships are timely
    • Your headshot and when it was last taken 

Question 3: Where should you focus your time and energy? 

  • Evaluate:
    • What's going to have a lasting impact and be the best use of your time
    • How your fellow attorneys are marketing themselves and investing their time 
    • The opportunity to mentor/support an up-and-coming attorney at your firm
    • Where you're spending the most time related to business development and its yield

Question 4: What do clients, referral sources and friends of your firm need from you right now?

  • Evaluate:
    • What you can do for the people in your network
    • What might your network be able to bring to you
    • Any introductions that you could make to develop a relationship 
    • How you can connect the dots and bring people together

No matter how the rest of the year unfolds, one thing is for certain: Relationship building will remain of utmost importance. Be the thought leader, be the connector, and be forward-thinking. 

Here at Kolibri Law Support Solutions, we're here to work with you through your business development and marketing goals — and to deliver a variety of services that will make your firm run more smoothly.

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