Those of us at Kolibri love reading and educating ourselves so much that we have a monthly book club. A recent selection — The Modern Law Firm, by Heinan Landa — made a real impression. 

Though it focuses primarily on technology, The Modern Law Firm includes many useful tips related to firm efficiency. This element appealed to us, as Kolibri strives to help clients run a lean and successful law firm. Efficiency is always at the center of our thought process. 

For this article, I’ve pulled out 10 top takeaways about efficiency from this insightful book, along with some relevant ways we can work with you on your firm’s needs. Take a read! 


1. Law firms have a lot to keep up with these days, from technology to business development and beyond. According to Landa, the reality is, “We can’t keep up with it all. But if we don’t try, the world around us will soon enough be unrecognizable.” 

Kolibri is here to support our clients so that they don’t feel like they have to do it all alone. We want to take items off your plate so you can focus on your practice and its growth. 


2. On average, buyers spend “67% of their journey digitally.” Your online presence is not only important, it’s imperative. 

We can work with you to enhance your online brand. 


3. “Increasing efficiencies might mean your firm is able to take on a case or matter you wouldn’t have the opportunity to pursue otherwise,” Landa writes. 

We want your practice to run as smoothly as possible. We’re confident that by outsourcing your business needs to us, we can help you increase your efficiencies. 


4. “Clients choose to engage with my firm rather than hiring an internal IT Director because they want more knowledge, experience, perspective, and scale than could possibly be contained in one person,” Landa writes. 

Our team includes subject matter experts and has partners who are eager to work with you to add experience to your existing team. 


5. “Consider hiring a consultant to help guide the process and to assume some of the burden,” Landa suggests. 

We know how busy you are and we understand there are processes that may not only challenge you, but are difficult to find time for. We want to be your resource to take items off your plate.


6. “To make a real change in the way your firm is working, you have to look at communication through a different lens,” Landa notes. “We can do better than email now.”

Communication is critical. We work with clients in a variety of areas to enhance the way your firm works and communicates internally. 


7. “There’s a mountain of opportunity in innovation,” Landa writes. 

Pay attention to trends that are on the horizon that will impact your entire firm. We work with firms to align long term goals and growth opportunities. 


8. Landa shares the importance of, “Shifting their mindset from “me and my practice” to “us and our practice.”” 

Teamwork is so important. At Kolibri, one of our core values is collaboration.  We really feel that we are better as a team than we are individually. 


9. “Without a crisis, it’s hard to create a sense of urgency,” Landa observes. “But waiting for a crisis is never a good strategy.”

The extremes of COVID-19 are a great example of the need for having strategy in place.  We collaborate with our clients on their firm’s needs, wants and goals to establish a strategic plan that will not only work but will be sustainable. 


10. Strive to, as Landa writes, “get your work done more seamlessly, serve your clients more thoughtfully, and grow your firm more effectively.” 

At Kolibri, this is our mantra. We’re eager to help take work off of our clients’ plates in order for their businesses to run more efficiently. 


Connect with us today to learn about how we may be able to support you and your firm. And also, take some time to read The Modern Law Firm by Heinan Landa. It’s full of tips and takeaways that will benefit your firm today and into the future.